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Windows Live Messenger invites on eBay - with Microsoft's blessing

You might recall that just a few months ago, invites for the blogging service began showing up on eBay, something that WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg greeted with thinly disguised glee. At the time, I opined that there was something a little unseemly about a developer gloating that his attempts to create buzz and limit usage during a beta period had resulted in an inflated secondary market for his products. I still think that's the case, but it looks like I'm in the minority, since it turns out that the Windows Live Messenger team over at Microsoft is pleased as punch that their invites have begun showing up on the 'Bay. Gloating on their blog, they declare: "If you must get an invite and you don't mind spending some money on it check out the auctions here. The Messenger team has a pool going to guess what the highest selling point will be." Great, guys. Remind me to start a pool to guess how much people are willing to pay for bootleg copies of XP and Office, also widely available on eBay.

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