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What's new in the latest Vista build

Windows VistaPaul Thurrott is doing an ongoing review of the latest Community Technical Preview of Windows Vista, a.k.a. Build 5270. He begins Part 1 by saying, "I think people are going to be surprised by how good the Windows Vista December 2005 Community Technical Preview really is." He goes on to describe the improved setup, the new Start button and menu, and general UI improvements. In Part 2 Paul examines the new bundled apps, including Windows Defender, Photo Gallery, DVD Maker HD, a new P2P collaboration app called Windows Collaboration, Calendar, and Backup. He also writes about the new versions of the old familiar, including Windows Media Player 11, Media Center, IE7, and the rebranded Windows Mail. In Part 3 he covers new features including Secure Startup, Bit Locker, parental controls, "Super Fetch," and improvements to Windows Firewall, Windows Update, and power management. As usual, Paul's is probably the most thorough overview you'll find of the ongoing development of Vista, and I recommend you tune in tomorrow for his Part 4 wrap-up.

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