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Gift Guide: Greeting card templates

Admit it. It's getting down to the wire, and you haven't picked out gifts for everyone, or even sent out all of your cards yet. One popular last-minute solution is to send out e-cards, and here's one way to make those cards a little more interesting. Instead of just using the canned cards available on countless sites, design your own. Don't have the time or Photoshop chops? No problem. Just use a canned template and plug in your own images, words and whatever else you need to make the card work. One good source is the scrapbook community, where designers have a wealth of templates available at prices as low as $3.00, most of which can be used both for e-cards and for printed ones — though, unless you're going to spring for FedEx or deliver your cards by hand, the latter isn't a likely scenario this year.

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