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Google Talk to work with AIM

Google Talk: buddy listIt's just one line in a press release about Google's $1 billion investment in AOL, but it's a good one for anyone who has gotten frustrated with having to run multiple IM clients, kludge a link to Google Talk via Jabber, or just skip running Google Talk in favor of the dozen or so other IM clients out there. According to Google, one ramification of the investment will be to allow "Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met." At this point, I have no idea whether those conditions are technical, financial or both, but it makes perfect sense for the two to combine their efforts — after all, AOL already has AIM and ICQ under its umbrella and interoperating. There's no reason not to do the same with Google Talk (and, chances are, it'll make selling ads into the client a little easier as well).

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