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iTunes for Windows Mobile?

ituneswindowsmobileYou no longer have to hack, slash, rip, reburn, or unmux (mostly) if what we're seeing here is true. These are purported screenshots from a Windows Mobile (version 5) device and there's a native version of iTunes apparently running. The schrankmonster blog has the eye candy.

While this doesn't surprise me in the least, it is a fascinating sign of the times. Would Microsoft, a company whose envy of the iPod's success is much ballyhooed, allow such a thing? If there's money to be made on either end, sure. The question is how much money and for how long, right? Obviously if Microsoft promised an iPod killer, doesn't seem like they'd want to replace their venerable (and mighty cool) Windows Media Player for the mobile space...

With Palm going Windows Mobile, now iTunes going Windows Mobile, what proof do you need to say MS can't break in to a market? Despite my fondness for Palm's OS, I think if anyone posted pics of a Palm iTunes we'd all just roll our eyes and snicker, right? Just another cold day in hell...

[Thanks Jake]


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