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Donate to Katrina victims via P2P

scooterIf you're looking for a way to donate to victims of Hurricane Katrina and show your support for the P2P distribution model at the same time, the Distributed Computing Industry Association, a P2P trade organization, has a deal for you. The DCIA will release a version of the song "This Too Will Pass" by Scooter Scudieri with — yikes — DRM, requiring a payment of 89 cents to unlock, 80 cents of which will go to victims. Of course, the DRM being used is the P2P-friendly Weed, so you can still check out the song for free by downloading it via Kazaa, Grokster and other P2P services. Then go ahead and hand over the 89 cents, even if you've never paid for music before, and never will again.


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