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Watch satellite images live with DistantSuns

distantsunsDistantSuns does a lot more than this, but with Katrina making waves recently it makes sense to showcase this feature. The app DistantSuns is primarily designed for exploring the galaxy via software. It includes a killer screen saver that'll move you across planets and moons throughout the day (all temporally accurate). The screen saver itself is available seperately for $13. For the budding X-Wing pilot there's a space flight simulator included, giving you joystick control of your flight through the planets. Also included are actual videos, the ability to make your own videos, print capabilities, and an event reminder for things like meteor showers (but not alien invasions). Still not convinced? Try the special edition for free and see what it can do, though the full version is just under $50. Even John C. Dvorak liked it!


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