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SkypeWeb and SkypeNet announced

skypewebA couple of big announcements from Skype today. SkypeWeb is a little bit of code you can put on your web pages that'll alert the world to your availability on Skype. That in itself is nice, but not a revolution. What's really cool about SkypeWeb is that once you've put this HTML code on your blog, web page, or email messages, anyone can connect with you, even if they've never used Skype. I admit that was an impediment to my own use of Skype. I never saw a link or the info in anyone's bio... So a good thing to get Skype's name out there, and an easy way to connect people. Win-win, right?

But wait, there's more! Also announced today was the SkypeNet API. Again, trying to push beyond their own application, the API will allow developers to integrate the Skype IM and Presence components into, well, whatever... Two scenarios from Skype's share pages are tantalizing enough: "What if you could use Skype to communicate with a product reviewer on a Web site, to chat with other players in an online game using Skype?" This is going to get good real quick folks. Who said the day had to belong to Google?


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