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Yahoo re-launches local search

yahoolocalToday Yahoo re-launched Yahoo Local, which might be just a little self-descriptive. Type in a keyword or two (like art museum), and give your zip, or city/, or your street address and lickety-split you'll have a bunch of local results. Aside from just giving listings, Yahoo is relying on their own user reviews of local places and services to bolster those results. Add in maps, weather, and other recommendations and you've got a slick little tool for the homebody. Or anyone travelling who'd like to know what's going on around them. Although it's only good for domestic travel, because Local only works for the US.

Yahoo Local has been around for a while, but it looks like the interface is decidedly better this time (I guess that explains the "official" launch). In particular, all the recommendations, weather, and maps (along with some other things) have been moved to one clear front page. I noticed also that Yahoo Local read my cookies (as I have a Yahoo account or two) and automagically input my zip... Creepy. Well, I guess there's always Google's Local offering...

[via BetaNews]


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