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Terragen: free Bryce knock-off lets you make your own world

terragenWhile I was blogging about making your own ILM yesterday one of my students tipped me off to Terragen (thanks Aaron). The more I saw of it the more it reminded me of Bryce. Terragen, like Bryce, is a special-purpose 3d app for creating amazingly realistic landscapes. It's terribly easy to use, even for 3d newbies. If you've ever banged your head on Maya, give it a try. Very refreshing. Not only that, it is free for now. No guarantees about the future, but I haven't seen any real problems with it so far. Terragen is chock full of features, some of which I don't see in Bryce (like a scripting engine). And you can't argue with the results... Oh, and it's available for OS X and Windows.


Tags: 3d, bryce, freeware, landscape, modeling, terrain