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Free Utility to Mount an ISO Disk Image from Microsoft

VirtualCDDriveMicrosoft has a cubic ton of developers, so it really should be no surprise that they write utilities that help them to be more productive. A lot of these tools, once matured, turn into what Microsoft calls "PowerTools". But there are other, less celebrated tools that can be found in the depths of Microsoft's websites, and this is one of them. Other utilities exist to allow you to mount an ISO disk image as a drive in Windows, and this one is definitely not the sexiest. It is, however, free - and it does its job just fine, thank you. This is the kind of functionality that I wish they would just include in Windows. I don't know if Macs can do this natively, but for some reason I have a sneaking suspicion that if a mainstream OS was to include this functionality, it would be OS X before it would be Windows. And I'm a Windows guy. *sigh*

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