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MyGuestmap: Yet another cool Google Maps Hack

A guestmap is like a guestbook, except it shows you where in the world the signers are concentrated. MyGuestmap is the first guestmap service I've seen that uses the Google Maps API, and also happens to be one of the first Google Maps hacks I've seen that deserves more than ten seconds' worth of Ooh and Ahh. MyGuestmap comes from the "theMyGuestmap simplest thing that could possibly work" school of design, so it's pretty no-frills, but it's easy to create your own guestmap and there are even four sets of cute icons (which visitors use to mark their location) to choose from. If you want to give it a spin, leave your mark at the newly-created (un)official Download Squad Guestmap.

Via Small Values of Cool.


Tags: freeware