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Flickr releases interestingness and clustering

Flickr interestingnessOh dear. As if I need any new goodness to distract me from catching up after returning from . Flickr has gone and released , which uses an algorithm full of "a whole bunch of secret sauce" to analyze user behavior around photos and present the most interesting in a given time period. For example, check out the most interesting photos from the past 24 hours.

As if that weren't enough, they've also introduced clustering, which is a new way to explore some of the finer distinctions within tag clusters -- e.g. the nature cluster is broken down into sets such as:
  • water, lake, river, reflection, rain, bridge, view, boat, drops, window
  • tree, trees, sky, sunset, blue, clouds, leaves, leaf, forest, sun
  • flower, flowers, green, macro, landscape, yellow, red, garden, spring, plant
In other words, what was already way too many tag/set/group/contacts/etc. pathways to get lost in has now been bumped up to ludicrous speed. You people are lucky I'm even able to finish this blog post. I mean, what's the game here, Flickr folk? Are you aiming to bring all productive work to a grinding halt, or is that just a happy byproduct of all your infinitely curious ludology?

[Via danah boyd]

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