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.Mac Widgets Disappearing Act?

idisk iconEver since OSX Tiger landed on 4/29/05 the .Mac main page has cycled an ad (not like banner/popup ads; I mean the good kind) citing "exclusive .Mac widgets" that are "coming soon!"

Well, today is 7/13/05. Do we need to reassess the definition of "coming soon" or what here? I haven't been able to find any news bits or blurbs from anyone (including Apple) on what the holdup is. The best I've found was a locked thread in Apple's discussion forum that's basically 14 posts that are on the same page I am: "what gives?" (Note: you might not be able to get to that thread; It could be a .Mac members-only thing.)

So I'm putting out an all-points-bulletin: if anyone has any information pertaining to the whereabouts of .Mac widgets, their status or what they will be, please call our anonymous tip line. (Another note: we don't actually have a tip phone line. Maybe you can just leave a comment instead.)