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Backpack: web-based PIM

Backpack logoFor anyone else obsessed with the whole cult phenomenon, Backpack from 37signals is a must-see. It's a low-cost, web-based personal information manager that features to-do lists, notes (reverse chronological, a la blog style), image storage, and a host of neat ways to get information in and out of the system. You can send email to add content to a page, set up reminders that get sent to your cellphone or via email, and share specific pages with specified people (as well as subscribe to the changes they make via RSS). Add pages at will and interlink them, quasi-wiki style. Plus, there's a mobile version you can access from your smartphone, regular cellphone or PDA. If it sounds like information management heaven, you might want to add an action item to your next actions list to check out the free 30-day trial.