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iTunes Publisher

iTunes Publisher

Sometimes we want to let the whole world know what we're up to. I mean everything. We have blogs, webcams, chat rooms, and tons of other things to let us communicate with people. A lot of people take pride in what music they listen to and like to share it with others. Whether for just the public eye or to see if anyone else likes the same kind of music, you still need a way of getting it on the web easily. iTunes Publisher does just that. Currently at 4.3.3, it's a great little program that let's you export your iTunes library in a number of ways. You can customize it by font and look, what columns you want shown (Artist, Album, Song, etc.), and how you want your data exported. The best way is probably via a webpage. It's listed nice and neat with tables so that everyone can just scroll away. Plus it's one file and you can easily upload it and update it anywhere. I highly reccomend checking it out if sharing your musical tastes with the world is your sorta thing.


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